Lasers: Putting aging back in your hands



Very professional, and yet personal attention.

Worked with us on the time for the appointment and more.

Personally I had the fabled priapus shot, they made it work for me, more sensitivity (what I wanted), and a bonus of added thickness and length, just as my wife :). Took a few months to see the full results, thickness first few weeks, length followed slowly. I am beginning to think what you see online about it only working for a percentage of the folks might be those that don't follow directions or who are not patient for the growth to happen. It's not a light switch folks. It worked for me! And i will get another soon.

Tell them sky sent you!

About this place.


Many procedures available.

Professional, and personal staff.

Upbeat attitude and atmosphere.

Follow up calls or messages.

Willing to schedule phone discussion on procedures and more.

Also willing to laugh at a joke and more.


Not closer to us (although only applies to our situation where no one is near us).

Final thoughts:

The level of service we received, would make us choose loudoun medical aesthetics over any other place. They earned this great review, trust me.

So let them earn your great review.


Kim Jamison

I have spent 30 plus years as a sun worshipper and the sun spots and wrinkles crept up on me.  It wasn't until I went to my college reunion that I realized how much more aged I looked than my friends.  Thankfully I found Darlene and Michelle.  

Two BBL treatments and a vampire facial later I look at least ten years younger.  My friends swear I had a facelift because my skin is so much tighter and lifted.  I'm glad I have the before pictures and I take a new one every week and every week it's looking better.  And I am even thankful Michelle is the sunscreen "nazi" because I even wear it if going to the mailbox.

I'll be keeping up with this and going every month to have my facial done.  Staying on top of it now.

I also do the medical facial every month now that I’ve gotten my skin where I want it. Michelle watches it like a hawk. 

Last month I had the flu and she took her laser and rid my nose of those hideous red broken capillaries that I assume came from blowing my nose every two minutes.  Flawless again. 

My friends think I look at least ten years younger. I have to soundly agree. 



 I went everywhere for laser hair removal but this is by far the best.  I can get more done because they charge by the amount of time I want instead of the areas.  Plus the laser they use works best because I am having no growth already in three areas that I have spent 13 months trying to get results.  Save money.  Go there first.



I brought my husband in. He’s been very hairy his entire life.  Summers are miserable for him. It took 90 minutes to cover his back and chest and upper arms. Michelle touched up the lower part of his neck so he stays well groomed even on Scruggs weekends.  He loves it!  He’s fought me so hard thinking it was for women but when we left there was another man waiting for his appointment.  My husbands had four sessions now and is so happy. Me too. I love him but felt like I was snuggling with a handsome monkey. 


He is finished and the results are above what we expected.  Hot as it is this summer, he is so much cooler. Honestly he looks younger because all that hair made him look like hid dad and grandfather but bottom line, the man I love is cool 

If you are having it, change to Michelle. If you haven’t, go see her!!  Best of Loudoun. 

susan davis

"Michelle is phenomenal. Over the course of a year, she transformed my skin to the point that makeup is unnecessary. She expertly performed laser hair removal, skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels and facials. I have learned so much about skin care and health. I’m so grateful to Michelle and thrilled with my results"

patti matsos

"Michelle did an amazing job! She explained everything completely, took care of my dark spots and the prominent veins on my nose and chin! Gone. After the healing period I can go out with minimal makeup confidently now."

brian stuckert

"Great experience for guys - the stuff like the back of the neck - Michelle clearly knows what she's doing the facility and equipment are all top shelf"

Amy young

"I never knew what BBL lazer treatments could do but after getting treatments from Michelle, I am so excited to show off my new face and neck and chest and hands without age spots and sun damage freckles! She is flexible, welcoming, and you’ll feel completely comfortable in her office. Highly recommend you give it a try and expect amazing results!"

Laurie Bradshaw

"I found Michelle on Google and I'm so glad I did! I looked older than my age and she recommended Forever Young BBL. We did the treatment over an 8 week period. It has been 4 months and my friends think I've had a face lift! I'm so happy with my results. Michelle is very personable and friendly. I recommend Forever Young BBL to everyone."

Laurie Bradshaw

"I found Michelle on Google and I'm so glad I did! I looked older than my age and she recommended Forever Young BBL. We did the treatment over an 8 week period. It has been 4 months and my friends think I've had a face lift! I'm so happy with my results. Michelle is very personable and friendly. I recommend Forever Young BBL to everyone."

Harold Fisher

"I was uncomfortable at first, being a guy, but Michelle put me as ease as she started the procedure. There was a degree of discomfort in sensitive areas such as my lips, but looking back the pain was short lived and the results look amazing. Further, the age spots on my arms and face turned darker just as Michelle said they would, and subsequently rose to the service and washed away leaving my skin looking many years younger."

Sara widick

"You will appreciate how professional and thorough Michelle is during your consultation and treatments! She has an amazing way of explaining her services and making you feel comfortable in the regimen that works best for your skin! I am impressed by her education and experience and of course the results!  The PA Darlene is the best I’ve even seen with both Botox and filler!  Natural. No one knows why I look younger. That’s what I wanted. Not obvious. 

Chloe Thor

"Michelle is such a gem, and she took great care of me. She informed me of what she was doing every step of the way, and above all made sure I was comfortable during the process. I cannot wait for my next appointment.  

Final report is that my Laser Hair worked. This is my first summer razor free and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Last weekend we had a surprise pool party and I was the only girl not scrambling for a razor. Excellent work 

James quaye

"I came to Loudoun Medical Aesthetics for my free consultation. Michelle was more knowledgeable than the other aestheticians I shopped around with in the area. She also hasa great laser which seems to be the best laser in the market for results and comfort. I will highly recommend Loudoun Medical Aesthetics to anyone. Great job guys. 

And as a guy I’m getting Facials every six weeks now. Nuff said 


"After 40yrs old you really need a place to help repair and maintain your skin! Make sure to find a place like this which will make you feel at ease and won't rob you blind! I thoroughly enjoy going here and trust what they recommend and do is the best treatment out there for my skin type."

Also on video often so if you’re selfies, snapchats or your own videos have your eyes looking hollowed out or you look ages older, filler and Botox by the right person will turn that around in. A jiffy. Only see these ladies. A true Dynamic Duo

Carol Gallo

"I have spent the last 6 years taking care of others. Now it is my time to take care of me!

Michelle and Darlene have given me a new lease on life with their wonderful work. I look at least 10 years younger!!

The creases on my face have minimized, the age spots have disappeared, the skin on my face, neck and chest are an even color tone!!

BBL is the way to go and take advantage of the Vampire FaceLift!!

I’d spent many years teaching out in the sun and coaching and playing tennis. It had all taken a toll on my skin. Now Michelle has helped my hands and arms too!!

Money well spent!!"

Patricia Brinson

"I absolutely recommend Michelle! As I am getting older, my skin has changed. I noticed that my face had many dark age spots and the texture of my skin had also changed. I met with Michelle and she came up with a game plan to "freshen up" my face. She has worked wonders on my skin! She really loves what she does and wants to ensure every one of her customers loves what they see in the mirror. She is located on 6 Pidgeon Hill Drive in Countryside. Give her a call for a free consultation. You'll be happy you did!"

Dre C.

"Very well managed facility. At the beginning of the week, I had requested more information on the Priapus Shot, aka the P-shot. Darlene is knowledgeable about the procedure and very comforting knowing that I was taken care off by a professial. Having the P-Shot done was one of the nonpainful procedure I have ever gotten. Darlene and Michelle were with me the whole way and made sure to make me at ease with the process. They explained step by step what the procedure was and what I should expect afterward. Men, if you are thinking of getting the P-Shot for more pleasure for you and your partner or just to see what the fuzz is all about, I highly recommend the Loudoun Medical Aesthetics, they will work with you. Today was the first day of the procedure, and I will post a few weeks again to let you know about my gains and experience. One thing I can say is right after using the penis pump (its a must after the P-Shot) I saw some notable increases in size and girth. I expect to see significant results in the near future."

Mark p

I’ve had ED for ten years. I spend at least $1000 a month on Viagra and anything else that props me up. 

I googled one night and saw PRP cured it so I looked around here and found Loudoun Medical Aesthetics. First did a phone interview and scheduled my appointment. Nervous. Needles in my junk isn’t appealing. They made me feel very comfortable. Laughed. Numbed me. Honestly, no lie, there is no pain. Pressure yes. Pain no. Thank God I got the information on the Priapus Shot, aka the P-shot. 

Bottom line: They walked me through it, made me laugh fixed the ED but as an added bonus I’m now almost 1” longer and have the same in girth. I thought that impossible.  I also have greater sensitivity. 

For mother’s day I gave my wife the “O” which is like the same for women. She said no pain as well. None. Our intimate life is like teens again.   No more lube. No more drugs. No more waiting on the pills to kick in. So more side effects.   We plan to do it again but together this time 

Andrea p

I had the “O” Shot ladies!!!My husband has had Erectile Dysfunction for over a decade.   He got his fixed there then found out i could get a better sexual experience too with the O Shot so he made an appointment for me.  They numb you so you can’t feel anything. We enjoyed the time laughing about daily life. In less than a minute from when they started, it was done.  Again, no pain.   Our sex life has never been better.  To be honest I’ve never had an orgasm. I have no problems anymore. We are like newlyweds. If you’re married, share the moment. You won’t regret it at all. 

I finally told my friends about it. Two went and are thrilled but won’t say anything so I’ll go on record as saying there are A LOT of women interested in or getting it and not talking about it.   And my single friend who has no boyfriend said her life is better too...didn’t ask more. 

Call them. Life changing doesn’t even begin to describe this. 

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